Terms & conditions

All services of emotionSPORTS are based on German law and the following terms and condtions.

1. Conditions of participation
The registration for emotionSPORTS tours is open to persons over 18 years. Health, fitness, the equipment and the requirements mentioned in the itinerary are mandatory for a participation.

3. Registration, conclusion of contract
With the registration the guest offers emotionSPORTS a obligatory agreement. The basis for this agreement is the travel itinerary. The booking can be done in written form by post, fax or email. If the booking is done for more than one participant the guest doing the registration is responsible for all participants. The agreement is completed when emotionSPORTS accepts the registration.

4. Payment
After completing the travel agreement emotionSPORTS sends a obligatory insurance policy for your down payment. The down payment is 20 % of the travel price and has to be made 7 days after receiving the travel confirmation. The rest of the travel price has to be paid 30 days before the travel date.

5. Insurance
There is no personal insurance included in the travel price. emotionSPORTS advises all guests to achieve a cancellation- / travel interruption insurance and to check personal insurance policies. All costs for a not planned transportation due to illness, accidents or other will be covered by the guest. All costs for a alpine rescue or helicopter transfer will be covered by the guest.

6. General duties of the guest
According to § 651e BGB guests have to inform emotionSPORTS immediately in case of any deficiency. Any travel deficiencies have to be claimed at least 4 weeks after the final day of the travel. The guest is committed to follow the instructions of the guide.

The wearing of a helmet is mandatory on mountainbike trips. The local traffic regulations are mandatory. For all winter activites in the backcountry a complete avalanche equipment is mandatory. The guest guarantees to have individual medicine with him/her if necessary and to inform the guide in an appropriate way.

7. General duties of emotionSPORTS
emotionSPORTS is responsible for the precise planning and preparation of the trip, the careful controlling of external service providers and the fullfilling of the itinerary.

8. Services
The itinerary describes the planned trip and the service of the tour operator, without a guarantee of every detail. Slight changes of the track, additional stay overs or changes in the itinerary due to weather and organizational reasons are possible.

9. Warranty
In case of service deficiency emotionSPORTS is entitled to regulate the claimed service with an equal or higher option.
Is the regulation not possible, the guest has the right to cancel the agreement.

10. Hazard warnings, disclaimer
Touring in alpine environment and urban traffic is combined with risks. Despite professional guides, a careful planning and the maximum of caution serious injuries and fatal accidents are still possible in outdoor sports. Neither emotionSPORTS nor the guides are able to guarantee 100 % safety. The guest participates accepting this risk and being self-responsible. The liability of the tour operator is limited to an amount which is three times higher than the price of the travel if it is not a personal injury. emotionSPORTS is not responsible for injuries or damages based on personal disregarding of instructions by the guide, wrong behaviour of other guests or persons outside the group. emotionSPORTS is only liable for damages or loss of baggage in case of preeminence or carelessness.

11. Travel interruption or cancelation by the guest
A cancelation of the booking is possible at any time before the trip. emotionSPORTS has the right to keep a certain amount in order to compound costs which are generated due to the cancellation. In case of cancellation the following compensation will be charged:

30 days or more before the travel date: 20 % of the price
29-15 days before the travel date: 30 % of the price
14-7 days before the travel date: 50 % of the price
6-1 day before the travel date: 70 % of the price
less than 1 day before the travel date: 80 % of the price

The client has the right to prove lower compound costs to emotionSPORTS. The client has the right to find another person who is able to take part of the booked travel. Guests who leave the group because of personal or health reasons are not eligible for a reimbursement of the travel costs.

12. Cancellation by emotionSPORTS

emotionSPORTS is able to withdraw from the travel agreement when the minimum of guests is not reached 7 days before the travel date. All payments will be reimbursed. emotionSPORTS has the right to recall the travel contract if the guest disturbes the travel or the warning of emotionSPORTS is disregarded or the guest is not able to fullfill the condition of participation (e.g. health, level, equipment). If emotionSPORTS cancels the agreement on tour no refund will be done.

13. Cancellation of agreement
If the travel is insecure due to exceptional reasons like war or strike the tour operator and the guest are able to withdraw the agreement. According to § 651j BGB, § 651e BGB the tour operator is able to retain an appropiate amount of the travel price for the services in advance. This is also possible when serious weather conditions or a necessary returning due to an injury are ending a tour. Any additional costs for not expected transportation is covered by the guest.

14. Coverage
emotionSPORTS holds a mandatory insurance for outdoor agencies in order to execute the offered activities.
AXA Versicherungs AG, Colonia-Alle 10-20 in 51067 Köln, Germany.
All payments are insured related to § 651k BGB in case of insolvency of emotionSPORTS:
R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG, Raiffeisenplatz 1 in 65189 Wiesbaden, Germany

15. Legal venue
The place of jurisdiction for business men or corporate bodies is 82515 Wolfratshausen, Germany.
For all guests with a citizenship outside the EU the German law and the place of jurisdication of Wolfratshausen, Germany is determined.

November 2018